Hey, it’s Kiranl! I’m SO glad you’re here and I am so excited about my new experience for you, 31 Menopause Mentoring Sessions!

Why Mentoring Sessions? Simple. Mentoring is transformational and intimate. A mentor also provides encouragement and support. You deserve that. You cannot navigate chaotic midlife hormones and menopausal symptoms on your own. 

If you spent that last 6 months or more feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, lacking motivation, and feeling like you are missing out on something in your hormone reset plan…

I want to help!

Thinking about what you can do to get one night of uninterrupted sleep?

Worried you’ll never be able to enjoy intimacy again?

Be able to shed 20-25 lbs you’ve gained in last 2 years?

Fear getting old ? Now we’re talkin’.

I created this month-long experience to help you figure out exactly what’s behind your symptoms once and for all.

This 100% FREE experience will teach you what’s going on behind your symptoms so you can begin to balance your hormones in the safest and most effective manner, and sail through a symptom-free menopause.  

It’s effective, free and the only root cause solution to get your hormones back on track! 


How can you participate? Simple. Just sign up below. 



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